How To Make Family-Friendly Decor Chic

How To Make Family-Friendly Decor Chic

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If you’re ready to enjoy a fully-finished and elegantly chic interior design, don’t wait until your kids are older or out of the house. Discover all the beautiful ways you can redesign your interior while still maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere with these simple design tips.

Keep it Neutral

Your Malibu interior design works well with a simple, neutral base. With a pure, neutral color, you can accent it with your accessories and trim. Not only do neutral colors give you a clean, bright look and feel, they also allow you to swap accent colors easily. It’s easier for your family to grow and adapt with a simple starting color.

Use Fabrics Wisely

When it comes to fabric choices for a family home, stain-removal and chic decor can go hand in hand. White canvas, for example, provides elegant texture, but can easily be spot-treated. Keep your surfaces wipeable and add touches of color in artwork, end tables and other accessories.

Choose accent fabrics that add texture. Many interior designs concentrate on accent colors and forget to include various textures. A bold or unique fabric option is a perfect way to introduce a memorable, chic look.

Avoid Themes

The biggest temptation for a family interior design project is themed bedrooms. While your small children may love the idea of a pirate room, but in a few years it may need to be redone. Choose interior design elements that age well with your family. Design children’s’ rooms with space and activities in mind, rather than color or pattern interests. Choose a Santa Barbara interior designer who is able to match your child’s current ideas with future needs.

Enjoy a chic interior design while your children are still at home. Whether your home is unfinished or just needs a chic update, ask a local interior design firm how to enjoy a new, family-friendly interior design.

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