Nandi Hills: Bangalore’s own hill-station

Nandi Hills: Bangalore’s own hill-station

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The Nandi Hills is the closest Hill station from Bangalore located at just 60 kilometers. Legend says that the name is derived from the hills that have the shape of sleeping bull. Nandi hills are part of Chikkaballapur district and located close to Bangalore international airport. Located at a height of 1478 m, it is a popular one day getaway from Bangalore and visited for its natural beauty and the picturesque views it offer. Many people rent a car in Bangalore to travel to Nandi Hills. Here is a list of places to visit during the trip from Bangalore to Nandi Hills.

Tipu’s Drop: It is located on a hilltop and provides beautiful view of all the hill ranges. It dates back to the time of Tipu Sultan’s rule. The prisoners were pushed off the cliff to death as a punishment and hence got the name Tipu’s drop. The place is full of scenic beauty and is a must-visit for the nature lovers. It is an ideal place to get some peace of mind away from the hustle of the Bangalore city.

Amrita Sarovar: This sparkling pond has been formed by the perpetual springs. This place is also known by other names like ‘Lake of Ambrosia’ and ‘The Lake of Nectar’. Amrita Sarovar is used as one of the prime sources of water supply in the area and remains filled with water all through the year. It is recommended to visit the Sarovar in the full moon night as the sparkling water provides an amazing sight.

Brahmashram: It is actually a cave that was naturally made from rocks. This cave was once used by Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa for meditation and is now an important pilgrimage site of the region. It is a perfect place to get serenity in a spiritual environment.

Tipu’s Summer Palace and Fort: Sprawled over an area of 90 acres, this grand fort is a must visit during your trip to Nandi hills. The structure was completed in the year 1791 and was used by Tipu Sultan as a summer resort. Ample amount of wood was used in the construction. The walls and ceilings of the fort were decorated with beautiful paintings. The five arches with minarets of the fort gives it a spectacular look.




Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple: It is a highly revered temple that was constructed by the Cholas. Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple is one of the oldest shrines in the region dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is beautifully built with designs and carvings on the sculptures and walls. An inscription of Sambhaji, son of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, is another interesting feature of this temple. The historical temple is guarded by two Dwarapalakas at the entrance. A chant known as ‘Kodi Maram’ is engraved on the wall of the temple and recited by devotees while praying.

Nehru Nilaya bungalow: History lovers must visit the Nehru Nilaya bungalow that showcases the colonial architectural style. It was named after the first prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru as he had stayed at this bungalow for some time.

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