Sneaking Across the Border With a Criminal Record: Why Honesty Is Still The Best Policy

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Without a United States entry waiver, it is illegal to cross the US border with a criminal record. One might enter by sneaking across and keeping the information about their record but with the tightening of security measures since September 11, 2001 it is very difficult to remain in the States unrecorded. Since the strengthening of information sharing technologies between US and Canada, US customs and Border protection has full access to Canadian criminal databases. criminal.

One can certainly expect detainment and refusal to enter if the criminal record is discovered at the border. One has to go through a humiliating experience of fingerprinting, being handcuffed, having mug shots taken and be subject to unkind treatment. One would be subject to further questioning after the record is downloaded by the FBI.

Even harsher treatment is subjected to people who are caught the second time for knowingly breaking the US law. Since data is already stored once a person is caught, the second time that person can be easily caught. One can lose their belongings to the American authorities who have the right to take them away.

If one is travelling by air, the ticket would be stamped ‘void’ and no refund or insurance can be availed on that. The person can be handcuffed and detained for a long period. If even after refusal, a person enters the States, then the chances of getting an entry waiver reduces a lot.

The first step is to properly apply to the United States Department of Homeland Security for written permission. The document received would be a US entry waiver.

While a person can him/herself apply for the US entry waiver by filling the forms and submitting the required documents, the whole process is itself is very complex and would require a huge amount of paperwork. It is easy to make a mistake or omit an important piece of information. Biographic information, proof of citizenship, police records, character references, rehabilitation docs, statements of occupation and other supporting information would have to b provided and fingerprints have to be submitted.




The officials reviewing your application have great discretion and the approval of your application is thus subjective. He chances of getting a waiver will depend on the application package. Proper information should be included while some should be excluded. It costs $585 dollars US to apply for a waiver. There is no refund if your application is denied so it is important that it be prepared and submitted properly the first time. Therefore, it is recommended to get professional assistance in order to prepare an appropriate and effective application based on the type of offense(s), current US entry standards and best practices.

The peace of mind of not having to hide anything is priceless and hence, one should adhere to the law to travel safely and joyfully.

Pro Pardons Consulting Inc. complete your Pardon (Record Suspension), US Entry Waiver and File Destruction application, all with the utmost efficiency.


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