Tips for Making a Brilliant Logo

Tips for Making a Brilliant Logo

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If you think of the most successful brands globally – say, Ferrari, Apple, Google, etc. – what do you see? Chances are, the first thing you’ll picture is their company logo. A strong corporate logo lends aura, personality, and identity to a firm. It is one of the strongest forms of marketing companies can employ to earn a place in the public conscience.

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However, while we all likely recognize the power of a strong corporate identity, most of us struggle with the key concepts of what makes a good logo when designing one. Unless you come from an artistic background, logo design can feel like an impossible challenge.

Having a clear idea of what you want will help with the logo design process

While you would be well-advised to enlist the skills of a professional branding agency if you’re looking to have a logo designed, there are still some aspects you can consider in the background – ideas that will also aid your choice of the designer when it comes to producing your new logo.

Establish a clear idea of your brand identity

Firstly, you should clearly define why you need a logo and what message or emotion you want to convey. You should also have a precise idea of your brand identity – the reasons you started your company and what makes you different from your competitors. A good way to narrow this down and provide focus is to explain your firm in just three words.

Work as a team to find inspiration and decide on your message

Unfortunately, business owners have a tremendous tendency to work alone when deciding on a logo design where, really, you should be trying to involve as many people as possible in the process. Sit with your team and brainstorm to get additional ideas on how your employees see your company and where they see it going.

It can also be instrumental in using mood boards to focus on your business’s more emotional aspect and the feeling you want to convey. Lastly, try to think like your customers (potential and existing) to see your firm through their eyes. Ultimately, your logo should appeal to them more than anyone else to help build a relationship between clients and your firm.

Think about where your logo is going to be used and design appropriately

In most cases, your logo is going to be the first impression prospective clients will get of your company, and it will end up being used across a variety of media – everything from your website to your printed materials (business cards, brochure, letterheads, etc.) and branded workwear, etc. Consequently, you’ll need to decide on a layout, font, and colors that work across all media. You should also consider the idea of a reverse logo style, i.e., to make sure the design works on both light and dark backgrounds.

Study competitors and find inspiration from other designs

Studying competitors already in your sector can reveal insight into what styles of design work best for your clients. You can also find inspiration in logos used by other companies. However, you should avoid falling into the trap of ending up with a carbon copy of another firm’s design in both cases. Your logo should be as unique as your company, so always be wary of being influenced too much by other designs.

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