Top Job Oriented Diploma Courses Offered at Jaipur National University

Top Job Oriented Diploma Courses Offered at Jaipur National University

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JNU offers diploma courses in 5 major fields, which can be done after 10+2. The attractive thing about these diploma courses is that they are completely job-oriented. In today’s competitive market, where getting a job is becoming very tough, these can provide candidates with an apt and appropriate skill set required to land them a good job.

Jaipur National University (JNU) is a private self-financed university which is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The university was established in 2007 and has been doing a great job in spreading higher education. The university offers programs recognized by AICTE, UGC, BCI, MCI, and NCTE. Also, it has several achievements to its name as well. Currently, it is ranked amongst the 30 best universities in the country by India Today. Apart from this, JNU also stands as the best private university in the state of Rajasthan. Its Biotechnology program of School of Life Sciences is ranked amongst the country’s top 20 Biotech programs. JNU’s school of engineering is ranked best in Rajasthan. The university is divided into 16 schools and provides courses in Agriculture, Engineering, Management, Law, Life Sciences, Medical Education, Fashion Designing, Media Studies, and Hotel Management.

However, a major highlight is the list of diploma courses that JNU offers.

So, let us take a look at these courses and why these courses can get you a good job in the country –

  • Diploma in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is a buzzing field, and no one can deny the quantum of success one can achieve in this field. Fashion Designers are full of creativity; they are the ones who are giving shape to the latest clothing and apparel trends. This Diploma is targeted at providing technical knowledge to students that how an idea is executed. Candidates are given complete knowledge about each aspect of Fashion Designing, right from the initial design to final execution. This 1-year course makes candidates ready to work as a fashion designer and fashion product developer in this ever-changing and competitive Industry.

  • Diploma in Yoga

The ancient Indian art of Yoga has been getting a widespread positive response from almost every part of the world. The world is adopting Yoga for its better health, so it is obvious that there is a huge need for people who understand Yoga and can teach it to people. This diploma in Yoga aims to provide students complete knowledge about physical and spiritual concepts of the science. The course teaches students the basics of Yoga (meaning and beginner level tenets of Yoga), Types of Yoga, its benefits, challenges faced while implementing the science, and how this divine science can be applied for the betterment of health and lifestyle. Candidates completing this 1-year course get to know all the important aspects of the science, as mentioned above.

  • Diploma in Photography and Videography

Photography and Videography is not just an amateur passion amongst the country’s young people but is a very lucrative career option. With the ever-expanding media industry, there is still a huge demand for talented photographers and video makers. After all, it’s not just about getting the best DSLR and creating images and videos out of it, but it is about the emotions and ideas you put into creating your own masterpiece. This 1-year diploma in Photography and Videography teaches candidates all the basic knowledge required to do commercial video making. The course provides knowledge of the camera’s basics, Function and operations of the video camera, film appreciation, indoor-outdoor production, Television production techniques, lighting, camera, and editing. Certainly, this course can turn your passion into a profession.

  • Diploma in Agri. Business Management

Everyone knows how big a business is agricultural in our country. A huge part of the population has vested its career in this field, and the importance of agriculture for a country is huge. This Diploma is targeted towards providing candidates the knowledge of the managerial level of agriculture, like how sales or marketing is made and such things. 10+2 passed candidates can enroll themselves in this course. Admission to this one-year course is offered directly based on the candidate’s profile and past record.

  • Diploma in Engineering

There is a vast demand for Junior Engineers, Telecom Operators, Network Controllers in various fields Railways, Water Supply, Border Roads, Laboratories, Irrigation and companies like BHEL and NHPC. Therefore, candidates who have mid-level diplomas in engineering have high chances of getting jobs in such areas, proving to be a perfect career choice. Seeing this scenario, Jaipur National University offers Diploma courses in engineering like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication, and Electrical Engineering. These 3-year courses aim to provide comprehensive knowledge of all theoretical and operational aspects of all such fields of engineering. Candidates completing such courses are ready to do any mid-level engineering jobs in public and private sector companies.

Why having a diploma is better?

A big confusion is that why a person should choose a diploma over a degree. Many things favor diplomas and can make you choose a diploma over a degree or a certificate course. Let us take a look at some benefits that diplomas offer, but other educational options do not.

  • A diploma makes you job-ready right after completion.

The major advantage of having a diploma is that it makes you employment-ready from the day you complete it. This is an inherent feature of diplomas as these are directly focused on imparting vocational skills to candidates. Therefore, you will probably not need any extra training before you join the job. Especially, the courses at Jaipur National University have many practical subjects that apparently let you the dynamics of an actual task rather than just theoretical knowledge. Thus, your employability in diploma courses is quite high.

  • You learn practical aspects rather than bookish details.

Again, as we have talked earlier, the best thing about diploma courses is that they teach you practical aspects rather than making you learn the theoretical concepts. Diploma courses contain an equal number of practical subjects compared to theoretical ones, which means that you will not just be reading about the concepts but will also be applying these concepts during the course itself. Thus, your chances of getting selected for a job are very high as you will have all the actual insights of the subjects learned.

  • A shorter Period and High Flexibility is also a benefit.

Most of the degree courses are 3, 4, or 5 years long. In such a long period, you tend to study a lot of subjects, and there is a very high chance that you will forget the subjects that you had studied in the initial years. On the other hand, diplomas are of short duration, and thus you tend to remember most of the things as the period is concise. Also, degrees are subject-specific, but diplomas are skill-specific. Therefore, in that one year, you will work directly on that one specific skill set, rather than learning many other ancillary things. Thus, you become a skilled person, which increases your chances of hiring by many times.

Apart from the above advantages, diplomas offer other advantages like lesser cost and easier admission as well. Jaipur National University is really doing a commendable job with its diploma courses. These courses are perfect for people looking to enter the professional world very quickly and want to earn a handsome amount of money.

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