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We live in a day and age where access to information is unlimited. Individuals do not access information just from computers anymore. Devices like cellphones, tablets, and even TVs nowadays are used to access the internet, and computers are histories. 5 billion devices were sold in the year 2017, and there are almost double the numbers of cellular connections that offer internet at excellent speeds. Every business has a mobile version of its website. In web design and development, there is approaching a limit where it has become unable to keep up with endless new resolutions for different devices. Technology is at the forefront of improving society and the quality of life.

Responsive Web Design is an approach of accommodating resources for a webpage that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior according to the hardware and software capabilities of the user’s behavior. There are parameters like screen size, operating system, and resolution, which differs from one device to another, and it is important to create a flexible website that can load on a screen with ease. As users switch from their laptops to iPad, the website should automatically switch by regulating resolution, image size, and scripting. This eliminates the need for investment in a new webpage design every time a new gadget comes out.


The ugly side of website development is patience. In the swift-paced lives we lead, nobody can wait for a webpage to load. Statistics suggest that about 40% users wait for 3 seconds for the webpage to load. Users have become accustomed to fast loading and visual appeal, helped by efficient internet services and graphic design. Failure to load emails makes 7 users delete it out of every 10. A website’s visual comfort keeps the user-focused and attracted to browse more and spend time on the website. Not having a responsive website design loses visitors and decreases conversions and publicity.

On the other hand, responsive design hinders business. The youth comprises 40% of the population, and adults and adolescents make the rest of it. Half the youth has access to world-class technology and excellent services available at the click of a button. So, a responsive website helps tap into the minds of the youth and generate revenue from the website giving it more utility. Most businesses have a more developed mobile webpage or application since most of their business is conducted through that medium. Google has technology where responsive websites appear higher on their search results. UI interface competes at high levels to get ahead of the competition and boost business.

Not developing a responsive website interface can essentially harm business, essentially when conducted through a portal. Slow loads and jumbled content make the user believes the information isn’t credible. Therefore, aesthetic designs ensure that they will increase online footfall, better placement on search engines, and provide state-of-the-art UX. The Internet and current trends move at lightning speeds and if the website design is not up-to-date, the business will lag behind.

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