Introduction to the Montessori Methods of Learning

Introduction to the Montessori Methods of Learning

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We all send our children to a Montessori school in our locality to build their base before sending them to an actual school. Montessori comes from an educator, Maria Montessori, who also happened to be the first lady physician in Italy. In her lifetime, she studied the psychology of the various child and came around with the idea of a Montessori, where children will learn about their surroundings, given an environment. Thus, started the culture of Montessori.Travel Knowledge

Maria Montessori believed that before the children should go to school, they should be willing to learn. Therefore, she invented new techniques of learning in a way that the world has not seen before. She believed that children perceive their world through their eyes, and once they are engaged with something, which would at the same time help them learn about worldly matters, they would turn into fast learners. This way of schooling was first introduced in Italy, and slowly it spread to other countries too.

Maria also did some work with disabled children. She invented several learning techniques, where the children have lost any sense due to a disease or an accident,/can learn worldly matters by using the other senses. For children who can’t see, she devised a technique known as the sandpaper alphabet, where the shapes of alphabets are made by sands, and hence, the child can touch it and feel the shape of the alphabet, and hence know about it.

In this article, let us see some of the unique methods by which Maria Montessori changed the learning paradigm for the little ones.

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Most of us used to hate mathematics, back when we were kids. Maria had this idea that if a child is being taught something, which he/she is relating to himself/herself, then that will remain with him/her for a lifetime. So, she introduced a completely new way of teaching mathematics to children. She did not just show them the numbers, but she also tried to teach them about the quantity. Therefore, the number 1 would be associated with a bead or one quantity of something, maybe chocolate. In the same way, the other numbers would be introduced to the children.

Not only introducing the numbers, relating quantities to the numbers even helped the children in computing addition and subtraction. Because this system got widespread popularity, Abacus, a Japanese fast mathematics system, also adopted this technique.



Language is typically important for every human being to communicate, and as they say, Human Beings are social animals, so we must communicate. In the Montessori way of teaching, writing comes first and then reading it out. Maria believed that when a child writes something, he/she tends to remember it more than just reading it out. Therefore, she brought in metal insets shaped in the form of letters, and children used to write with those metal insets, which made them understand what each letter of the English system stands for.

Besides this, there are many practical life activities like solving real-life puzzles, cleaning the floor, and pouring water in a glass included in the Montessori way of teaching, which is good for the allover growth of a child.

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