Tips for Raising Your New Puppy

Tips for Raising Your New Puppy

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Puppies are sweet, soft, adorable creatures. Let’s face it, it’s hard to resist a cute puppy! However, after you bring home your new furry friend, you might find that raising the dog can be fraught with challenges. Especially during your first few months with your pup, there will be ups and downs as you navigate house training, obedience, and other behaviors. Although puppies can be a lot of work, after you and your new friend work through it, it will all be worth it in the end. There are wonderful benefits to having a well-trained, adjusted companion to share your experiences and adventures. Let’s take a look at some tips for raising your new dog.

Head to the vet.


The first thing you should do upon bringing your new dog home is to take a trip to the vet for an initial examination. Your pup will also need proper vaccinations and de-worming to ensure that they are healthy. The veterinarian will provide you with information on their nutritional needs and health instructions specific to their breed or age. If your dog was not spayed or neutered before you adopted them, or they are not yet old enough, this might also be the time to schedule that based on your vet’s recommendations.

These vet visits can get expensive over time, so once you adopt your new dog, it might be worthwhile to investigate pet insurance. A pet insurance policy could help with the vet bills that might come with multiple visits for your pet. The benefits of pet insurance can make sure that you have the funds needed to treat your furry friend. Once you know that your dog is healthy, then you can get started on everything else. If you need help finding a vet, do some research for the local animal hospitals in your area and check out some reviews.

Make a puppy schedule.


Establishing a schedule and a daily routine for your new puppy is crucial to training a well-behaved, balanced dog. You will need to establish routines for activities such as feeding, walking, and sleeping. Similar to bringing home your newborn baby, your puppy will require a schedule and routine. As they get settled into your home, your dog will need to know when and where they eat, when and where to eliminate, and their sleeping arrangements. Having a routine for your pup will help them adjust to your home and become trained more quickly.

Take a walk with a leash and harness.


As your puppy may not have ever walked on a leash before, it will be important that you start early and frequently and use a harness to protect your dog from too much pressure on their throat caused by the leash. Your pup may not take to walking on a leash right away, so you’ll probably have to start by simply introducing it and building from there. If you plan to take daily walks or visit places like the beach or parks, your dog may spend a good amount of time on a leash and harness. Because of this, getting your canine friend comfortable with walking on a leash will need to be a priority. Make sure that you get the best possible harness for your dog. offers a wide range of some of the best harnesses on the market. Your dog will be able to ride in the car or get out and safely walk on a leash with a harness.

Make some new friends.


Proper socialization is another key element of raising a dog successfully. For your pup to develop into a well-adjusted dog, they should be exposed to as many new people, places, experiences, and situations as possible. This will make sure that your dog is comfortable around all kinds of people and situations. Also, while you should wait for all vaccinations before taking them out in public, it is important to introduce them to other furry friends. You can start socializing your pup right away by simply playing with them and introducing them to new dogs, people, sights, sounds, smells, and textures.

While raising a new puppy can be hard, the benefits that will come with having a loyal four-legged companion will outweigh that. Having a dog can be one of the best experiences you can have, despite the initial challenges.

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