Bonne Terre mine featured in upcoming Travel Channel show

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An old lead mine an hour south of STL might be featured on the Travel Channel’s “Top-Secret Swimming Holes.”

The Mine in Bonne Terre is one of the watery sites selected by using the display’s producers for the collection that airs at 9 p.M. On Sundays.

Doug and Catherine Goergens own and perform the mine and West End Diving in Bridgeton.

A production group from the Travel Channel, using drones to the movie some photos, became in Bonne Terre on Wednesday.

Bonne Terre mine featured in upcoming Travel Channel show 1

“The drones give views of the mine from approximately 70 feet in the air,” Doug Goergens stated. “It became outstanding.”The display will awareness on STL maritime attorney Jim Mandl and his son, Nick Mondo.

“It became their first time inside the mine, and we observed them from having breakfast, through their briefing and then at the dive,” Goergens said.

The Rev. Jeff Lunn, a pastor of the Park Church in Florissant, acted because the Models’ dive manual and the neighborhood movie crew consisted of Scott Fritz, Brandon Houser, and Ron Jones, Georges said.




No air date has been set for the Bonne Terre show.

“Those suggest kind of run in perpetuity, however, it has to display up within the next four to 6 months,” he said.

Garden Features: Knowing It All
A garden needs now not continually be mounds of grass. It may be something lots extra thrilling. A little cautious planning can suggest you could include a bunch of features into your garden. This will add a sprint of grandeur and style on your green areas. From a mini pond to an aquarium and totally themed green areas, you can contain numerous functions into your lawn. But the incorporation of lawn functions needs to be carried out cautiously. In reality, as part of this process, the primary component that you need to do is carefully weigh the pros and cons. Based on this calculation, you’ll be capable of deciding the lawn features that you wish to comprise. Mentioned below are the large parameters that you’ll want to focus on when it comes to incorporating functions for your garden.

Do I want to enhance the gardens?

A lot of humans suppose that gardens are a part of their backyards and consequently don’t require an awful lot interest. But this is unfaithful. Gardens are very lots part of your exteriors. In truth, lawn features are an incredible way to improvise on the overall outlook of your premises.

What is the available area that you have?

Gardens are usually developed in the backyards. So, there are high chances that you’ll face intense space crunch. But having lesser area would not suggest you have to compromise on the garden features. You can nevertheless search for something that fits into your necessities and matches your décor as properly.

What are the forms of law functions I can think about?

Having garden functions to enhance your inexperienced areas will require you to choose from a couple of options. You can consider an easy pond or superbly carved stone patios, everything falls underneath the ambit of garden functions. In reality, the ones of you wanting to work out an entire makeover can also get options like fit to be eaten gardens and different thrilling topics.

What are my alternatives?

When it comes to incorporating lawn capabilities, maximum homeowners must work round two alternatives. Either you need to redecorate a present lawn making first-rate use of the already available characteristic or you get to start from scratch. Usually, while you get to remodel a current garden or an outside area, the task of incorporating greater inside much less space additionally follows. However, if you make investments the time and effort you may manipulate quite some garden capabilities.

Is it worth making an investment in professional assist?

Like all other services, garden features can also be managed by hiring experts. But searching for professional assistance is a feasible option handiest for those who are willing to spare the extra sum of money. Most of the human beings look after their gardens totally on their personal. After all, gardening is an extraordinary hobby that permits you to misery.

Will or not it’s costly?

Garden functions are of several types. From cheap and simple looking stones to lovely showpieces and a totally themed lawn, you could think about several alternatives. While some of these options are high priced, way to the significant range you may always find something to fit your budgets.

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