3 Current Trends in Home Security

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When you were growing up, your parents’ idea of home security probably meant checking the front door at night to be sure it was locked and always having a big loud dog as a member of the family.

3 Current Trends in Home Security 1

While locking your doors and having a dog who likes to bark at noises is still a solid plan, home security has now moved well beyond these basic approaches.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the current trends in home security.

Two-Way Talk in Security Camera Systems

One of the most interesting home security camera systems is a two-way talk feature that will capture crystal-clear audio. As Lorex notes, their Wi-Fi security camera systems are easy to install and include this innovative feature. With the two-way talk, a built-in speaker and microphone mean that the camera will also record noises. If a couple of trespassers end up on your property at 3 a.m., the microphone will record their voices, which can be an important clue for the local authorities who might recognize who is speaking. This type of security camera system also includes a speaker that lets you communicate with others through the camera; you could potentially holler at the prowlers to say that you have called the police, or you could use the two-way speaking option for more innocuous reasons, like instructing a delivery person where to leave your package.

DIY Options Are Especially Popular

Another trend in home security is the DIY option. According to Parks Associates’ research, people are moving away from professionally monitored security solutions to cameras that they can purchase outright and install on their own. This trend is expected to boost the number of households that have a home security camera system. Besides liking the idea of owning cameras that they can install and monitor themselves, more and more homeowners are looking to move away from the long term contracts that many traditional home security companies will require them to sign. As the data from Parks Associates shows, twice as many consumers plan to purchase a DIY security camera system than one that comes with a contract.

Apps That Let You Check on Your Home From Afar

Apps and other technology that allows homeowners to keep tabs on their property are also a hot trend in home security even when they are not there. Those installing a home security camera system in and around their home, models that come with apps that let them monitor their home are top-rated right now. Also, products like the Gogogate 2 smart garage are selling briskly; this cool gadget will allow you to open and close your garage door remotely with your smartphone via an app or your voice with Amazon Alexa. This innovative product is solving an issue that has plagued homeowners for decades, the dreaded “Did I close the garage door?” question. Now, thanks to products like Gogogate 2, you can rest assured that even if you did drive to work and leave your garage door wide open, you can close it remotely and not have to drive all the way back home.

Home Security Is Now Better Than Ever

Home security is an industry that continues to expand and bring us some innovative features that help keep our homes safe and secure. From two-way talking that will help capture the voices of criminals, cameras that you purchase outright and install on your own, and apps that help boost security from afar, the current trends in home security are user-friendly, innovative, and will help keep our homes very safe.

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