What is the future of Android development?

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With a market share of over 80%, Android dominates the mobile operating system market globally. Android also dominates the Indian smartphone market, with over 70% of the Indian population currently owning a smartphone. Android-based app development is also growing its base among Indian software developers, with over 50% of the Indian technology companies earning their revenue from mobile app development.

Online companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, PayTM, and telecom companies such as Vodafone and Airtel are investing in third-party apps and native apps powered by Android. Aided by the growing prevalence and quality of Android development certification courses, software developers can look at Android development as a rewarding career. This article lists the reasons why the future of Android development and developers is looking good.


Increasing adoption of Android

Android is being used to develop apps for smartphones and other connected devices such as smartwatches, television, and even cars. Additionally, the quality and performance of Android smartphones are improving each year, as compared to older mobile phones, which had poor performance when compared to older Apple iPhones. These market trends in Android-based smartphones and other devices, along with the increasing adoption of mobile apps, work positively for the future of Android development.

Android development in India

India currently ranks 2nd in the most number of mobile phone users globally. Each month, India adds 6 million mobile phone subscribers. With the growing number of mobile phone users, business enterprises in India develop their own smartphone app to promote their products and services in the online space. Additionally, the quality and cost benefit of employing Android developers in India (compared to other growing Asian economies) makes it an attractive career opportunity for aspiring Android developers.

Scope for Java developers

Developers with profound knowledge of Java find it easy to build Android-based mobile applications. Java programmers can easily script Java code that can be adapted seamlessly into Android OS mobile applications. Android developers can modify the software design according to different business needs due to Android’s open-source design framework. Java programmers also find Android easy to learn and cost effective, thus finding it easier to develop powerful mobile apps with loads of functionalities.

Employment potential

Experienced Android developers earn handsome salaries and remuneration from diverse companies that are in Android app development. The ease of developing a powerful Android app and uploading it on Google Play can generate good revenue for Android developers in India. Additionally, there are plenty of part-time and freelancing opportunities for Android developers, making it a career with unrestricted potential.


While there is a good career potential for students enrolling in certification courses such as Data science courses and project management courses, an Android development course from a quality training institute would be the right start for graduates pursuing a career in this field of work.

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