How to earn more with your trade

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Almost everyone wants to earn more than they do. From the lowliest cleaner to the wealthiest CEO, almost everyone wants to take home a bigger package at the end of the month. Quite simply, it is human nature. But aside from annual inflation-linked adjustments, you cannot just expect to earn more if you don’t bring more or do more. And often, with trades like building or others, it is hard to find out how to upskill yourself. But it is possible, and it will earn you more. Here are a few ideas to help you earn more at your job.

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Get some qualifications

Don’t be afraid to learn and to get qualifications or certificates to add to your CV. All too often, people think that because they have learned a trade rather than a profession, it is not possible to get recognized qualifications. But this could not be further from the truth. And it is even possible to get these qualifications while working if you look to sign up for building and construction courses online. There are always options out there, and remember, you don’t have to plump for a course that is what you do already; it could be something that complements your current skill-set and adds to it.


Look elsewhere

Sometimes you need to leave the place where you are working to achieve the jump in salary you are looking for. This is often because you have been type-cast as one thing at your current place of employment, and it is hard to break out of that mold and be seen as more. Don’t be the person who jumps from company to company too often, but also don’t let people take you for granted and hold you back from moving forward.

Work as you mean it

Always give your all when you are on the job. If your supervisors can see that you are a hard worker who doesn’t shirk, punctual, and not afraid of doing the hard yards, they will want to keep you on-board and part of the team. It might not translate to more money straight away, but it will certainly increase your leverage and bargaining power when you let it be known that you want to be paid more. No manager ever wants to lose one of their hardest workers.


Always look to show initiative and take the lead on things. Whatever the situation, make sure that you are alert to the business opportunities to act smartly and do the right thing. This might sound like an obvious thing to say, and you might also point out that you cannot get a certificate for the initiative or put it on your CV, but it will be noticed and mentioned in things like references. And it is an area that you can take on as a personal development project that will make you a better person and a better employee. And all these things translate into being more employable and earning more.

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