Mindfulness and internet use: 3 tips for pleasant social media experiences

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I’m assured I’m now not by myself after saying that my social media retailers can be full of several drama and negativity.

For me, part of that may be because I’m a news junky, and, alas, information is often … Heavy. That’s a nice way to put it.

There are also internet trolls; there is the shaming of all types, heated political debates, and absurd feedback on information articles—all of which occasionally make me question the goodness of humanity.

And online, human beings can and maybe hateful approximately nearly anything. I lately observed that apparently, there is net in-fighting amongst crafting and kid’s apparel Facebook corporations. *Facepalm.*

It’s an unhappy statement on human nature that a few human beings experience empowered and removed sufficiently while online to hurl insults they likely could never say to a person’s face. I realize plenty of folks prefer to keep away from social media altogether, but I discover too much cost in it to try this.

Social media and the net are equipment, and everyone can figure out how to maximize use and do what’s pleasant for their personal psyches.

Personally, I would, as an alternative, discern a way to apply the powers for right while viable.

So I currently made the conscious attempt to like and comply with pages and money owed, which might be full of positivity. I added numerous mindfulness-associated Facebook pages and others I, for my part, hook up with, including a blog known as The Mind of an Introvert.

Filling my Facebook page with mindfulness guidelines and articles about meditation additionally allow job my memory—even when I’m staring at a laptop—to honor my practices.

Here are 3 suggestions for growing happier, safer social media surroundings.

Take manage.

I’ve attempted to curate a list that gives content material so one can encourage me, encourage me, make me snort, or make me sense a kinship. And I’ve been saving effective, amusing articles that pop up in my feed to examine later whilst the collective social media gloom begins to get me down.


The end result is that I’m connecting more with subjects that are uplifting and interesting to me. Think mindfulness, meditation, track, mental fitness, psychology, podcasts, documentaries, history, the outdoors, toddlers, writing, spirituality, art, crocheting, and lovable animals in costumes.

Each individual’s listing can be specific, but the factor is to manipulate your accounts and face up to the urge to be sucked into the dark cease of social media.

The ego loves drama, and if we aren’t aware of this reality, we can have a tough time developing boundaries and maintaining a peaceful, satisfied demeanor. That’s real in actual existence and is, on occasion, magnified inside the bubble of Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.

As an apart, I was overdue to the Instagram bandwagon for something motive. However, I find it extra first-class than a number of the other systems because it’s picture-heavy. More pretty pix and much less venting into the void? I’ll take it.

Remember, there’s no duty.

There’s no requirement to interact with social media at all, and there is definitely no obligation to examine or reply to that rude remark. There’s no longer cause to delete it, both.

There’s also no duty to accept a friend request or allow someone to put up scary or unwanted content on your page. And, commonly, there’s no want to explain yourself approximately it.

No contract says you can not disguise or block a person or flip off distracting notifications.

None of this must be executed in a hurtful way, and obviously, situations vary and may require special reactions.

But it’s crucial to establish boundaries and remember that social media is a privilege of an advanced society. It’s a privilege to connect on-line, now not a duty.

I never want to offend all people, but that feeling can not outweigh my own intellectual nicely-being.

On the alternative facet of that, we should all strive no longer to take it individually if someone doesn’t receive a pal request or love every comment we make. There are limitless reasons for this that do not involve something nefarious or deliberately hurtful. Don’t take all of it so seriously.

Be conscious.

We may not even recognize how plenty the constant barrage of complaining, complaint, and carelessness on-line impacts our mental kingdom. And it truly is a dangerous region to be.

Be aware of the emotions provoked while attractive online. If the awful begin outweighing the best, make modifications.

Figure out what works for you because we all have unique wishes, emotional responses, and tolerance tiers.

If we are cognizant approximately the information we’re taking in and the way it is affecting us, we will keep away from getting drawn into the drama and use this excellent presentation of the era in a manner that enhances our worlds.

Life is, in reality, too quick to spend it bickering via broadband.

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