Montessori Materials and their basic functions

Montessori Materials and their basic functions

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The Montessori philosophy believes in making the learning more child-sensitive, enjoyable and yet practical. The Montessori methods and techniques are based on using the children’s problem solving and imaginative capabilities in making them learn about the basic concepts like numbers, alphabets, sizes and many more. Montessori materials are an essential prerequisite to ensure that all such activities mentioned can be performed with much ease.

All such materials were designed in such a way that it could build curiosity in the child’s mind which would further develop the natural interest in the mind of the children. These materials further make sure that the children don’t have to depend on the external help to learn such concepts and hence, Montessori is based on the values of self-learning. To get best results from such materials it is always advised that,

Categories of such materials should be classified according to the subjects and learnings the materials are able to give. This gives a clue to the parent or adult to select the materials according to the interest of the child.
Attractive material not only ensures that it can be presentable but the more presentable it is the more interest the material would be able to create in the minds of the toddlers. The materials should be kept clean and new features should be added to them to make them interesting and engaging for the kids.
Sometimes, to explain and present the games to the children, teachers or guides are necessary who can explain the purpose of the game. For this, it is most important for the individual to understand the material intricately and the reason behind such materials. Thus, well trained teachers and guides might become necessary before introducing the children to Montessori philosophy.

The equipment comes in multiple types and all of them might have different purposes,




The mathematical function:

Mathematics is one of the most complex subjects for the tiny tots and to understand the concepts related to numerals the Montessori material are much more successful than any other technique like the old school cramming.

Montessori techniques helps in understanding the basic operations of the subject, which makes the other related concepts seem relatively easier.

Sensorial Equipment:

Many techniques of Montessori are based on sensory functions like differentiating between different colors and sizes. Many materials help the child discover the difference in size among the material and how it helps in solving the challenge.

Language Lessons:

Some of the lessons from this technique specially teaches the varied meaning of different words in a particular language. The child learns to match the word with its meaning and learn the pronunciation and word formation through such materials.

Instead of the focus being on rote learning, the practical aspect of the use of such words is used.

The language equipment also includes materials regarding symbols and sounds. The meaning of each signal (could be traffic, hand-signal etc.) is conveyed and also how such symbols and words can be interrelated and such connections are explored in such kind of Montessori techniques.

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